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The Cambridge International School

Children of today are fast culminating into the next-gen leaders with their different leadership qualities and impactful ways of taking society and the country to new heights. Also, considering the dawn of COVID-pandemic, children today are being trained in both strategic and practical manners, which is clearly aimed towards helping them become all-rounders inside and outside the classrooms. Moreover, the pandemic having brought unprecedented disruptions and massive changes to education, many big changes and amendments were made to the system, among which – curating a one of a kind curriculum, which is developmental, authentic, student-centered, & inquiry-based, schools across the length and breadth of our country are capitalizing on strengths of both synchronous and asynchronous learning, in turn, working towards producing the best. One such renowned school, having risen under the vast umbrella of Cambridge Group and always striving towards creating a system that is pro children – The Cambridge International School (TCIS), comes as a bright light of hope, even during these gloomy times of turmoil.

Being the first CBSE school under the Cambridge Group and having the most experienced teachers and management, who themselves have more than 3 decades of experience, TCIS under the abled leadership of Haneef Ahmed – the founder and a visionary, has already become a go-to place where world-class entrepreneurs are produced, every year. Promoting an environment where every student is given equal opportunities and respect, the exemplary methodologies adopted by the teachers, help guide students to relish every second they spend at TCIS.

Running a system that is totally NEP-2020 aligned, TCIS has been working in pursuit of revolutionizing education, focusing on result-oriented teaching-learning, converting shy, timid students into confident individuals of tomorrow. Additionally, hosting a curriculum that combines CBSE & IGCSE curriculums, teachers act as mentors cum gurus, ensuring that a happy atmosphere of learning and growth remains across all the corners of the campus, monitoring every student, from the time he/she enters the campus, pushing towards helping them spend their respective energies, in return of happiness.

In pursuit of academic excellence
A haven for amazing relationships, the management at TCIS makes sure that all the stakeholders of the school have an equal and important role to play in the school development, in turn, benefiting via individual growth, both intellectually and holistically. Adding to this point, and telling us the aspects at which TCIS excels, Ms. Roopa Arun, the principal at the school, stated – “At TCIS we believe that students benefit from our endeavors of innovating, creating and ensuring individuality, focusing on creating a better tomorrow for all”.

A hub of state-of-the-art infrastructure, the school has all the necessary amenities needed by a gen-z individual, in his/her path towards propelling the right amount of energy, directed towards societal good. From a soccer field to a synthetic skating field, extra-curricular activities play a major role at TCIS, boasting of being the most environmentally friendly place for children, to grow into responsible citizens. With 2 large buildings and over 80+ classrooms, the school continues to excel at imparting quality education, utilizing language rooms, art rooms, and amazing furniture, making sure students get what they need and deserve. Also, catered towards helping specially abled students on campus, special ed rooms have been built, preaching a sense of community and belonging, irrespective of the abilities or background one comes from. Furthermore, addressing the importance of mentorship during these times of high uncertainty revolving around us, counselors have been appointed at TCIS, who take care of all the concerns the children at the school are facing, and in turn, give it their best to resolve them on top priority.

“Laying high emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship on a large scale, 4 innovative structures, namely – communication, collaboration, empathy & care, get effectively utilized at TCIS, aiming at becoming a hub for young innovators”, added Ms. Roopa, taking time out of her busy schedule and helping us and fellow students get a real gist of what TCIS really stands for. Continuing on the point of helping innovators and entrepreneurs blossom on the campus, Ms. Roopa, stated – “An entrepreneur summit is hosted at the school – every year, where every student is given an opportunity to come out, under the guidance of teachers, and try their hand at making a difference”.

Why not?
Believing thoroughly in bringing out the best in every student on campus, stereotypical beliefs get challenged at TCIS, on a regular basis. Ensuring that every student brings out the best in him/her, and knows that they can do it, the school aspires to foster an atmosphere, where all students feel valued in a competitive playground of joy. As living proof of the excellence at which the school is progressing, TCIS has started Integrated Project Presentations (IPP), where students are taught how to self-study and base their learning on research and self-learning. A summer practicum program also has been started recently, where an unpaid internship has been made mandatory for all the students. Moreover, guest lectures are organized by the school authorities from top corporates and entrepreneurs and are given an opportunity to work with them for a brief amount of time.

All in all, with three glorious decades of outstanding contribution to society in the field of education and consistent march towards excellence, TCIS has carved a niche for itself in school education. Lastly, being a progressive, proactive, and vibrant institution, with its highly impressive track record of engaging in extensive research on emerging trends, TCIS has been successful in achieving major breakthroughs in school education, keeping pace with the emerging trends in the market, staying well ahead of other institutions of learning, in terms of giving back to society, capable personalities, one student at a time.

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