Insight Academy- Consolidating a Versatile Method of Teaching

While the K12 schools have been moving toward digital teaching and learning for many years, COVID-19 has undoubtedly accelerated the progress. The rapid move to remote online learning at the onset of the pandemic is an experience that most school and district administrations would not want to relive. However, the results will have a lasting positive impact on their teachers, students and parents, making  digital […]

Birla Public School- Shaping Gems Of Tomorrow

Education forms the foundation of society. It is responsible for economic, social, political growth and development in general. The thread of the growth of society depends on the quality of education that is being imparted, and the schools of today are the prime reasons for quality teaching and learning in these difficult times. Not only […]

Cambridge Public School – Discover Educational Excellence

Max McKeown, an English writer, consultant, and researcher, once beautifully quoted, “Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, not many schools and educational institutions in India have ensured to master this art of adaptability. Standing tall amidst this crowd is Cambridge Public School (CPS), […]

The Cathedral and John Connon School- Inspiring Young Leaders of Tomorrow

One of the most important decisions parents have to make is choosing the right school for their child, where the happiness and success of the child are the major concerns upon which their future depends. Therefore, it is paramount that the school they go to, value their child and encourage them to do their best […]

Don Bosco International School – Creating a Global Society of Lifelong Learners

Over twenty years of fast financial development in our nation has animated solid interest for private, global schooling among India’s developing working class. Despite the fact that at present there are so many instructive sheets to follow, guardians can select the most apt learning system for their wards depending on the style of training. Also, […]