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MVJ International School – Unlocking the Doors to All-Round Excellence

Children learn better when allowed to learn in different ways. When children are let to think freely without any limitations and are not forced to have a stunted expression of delight, fear, disgust, and many other emotions, children learn to question and counter-question. There is quite a big difference between learning and performing well, thereby all of the elements involved in the schooling years of a gen-z child must be able to determine the difference, and in that very process, realize that the best students are often those who are allowed to explore. Thereby, being that platform cum stage, which redefines true freethinking, in pursuit to become triumphant, conscientious, ingenious, and inclusive citizens striving for excellence, MVJ International School (MVJIS) came into existence.

When a group of caring individuals and true educators, who have deep-rooted knowledge in universal values of honesty and have a relentless thirst for extraordinary achievements, come together – a school such as MVJ International School, takes birth. Operating under the vast umbrella of the MVJ Group, the management and everyone present on the school campus work together towards igniting a love for learning among students, by providing the most appropriate, loving, and inspiring schooling experience with innovative educational methods.

Moreover, being a place where an interactive focus is always laid on maintaining a student-friendly atmosphere of thorough academic coverage, MVJIS is striving towards becoming an epitome of skill-based inputs, believing in the process more than the product. Additionally, strongly aligning with an educational paradigm that focuses on empowering students in the context of a globalized world, every student at MVJIS is encouraged to look beyond the walls of the classroom, and develop a global perspective on life that has become the hallmark of the School.

A seamless schooling experience

Located in the heart of Bangalore, MVJIS offers an education that is holistically enriched, combining high-quality facilities for academics and extending the limits of the curriculum. Consisting of teachers who give the best of 1 on 1 attention to the students, the 1:25 teacher: student ratio facilitates a lot of bubble time to learn and grow, under the able guidance of their mentors. Also a hub for strong student-teacher relationships, the belonging felt across the campus of the school pushes students to connect with their teachers even beyond the classroom hours, taking their assistance in all walks of life, by keeping parents in the loop of every endeavor carried out at MVJIS.

Maintaining all its quality standards, in sync with the renowned MVJ Group, irrespective of the scene outside, teachers and the management give in their best, imparting quality education – day in and day out. Also, being a readily NEP 2020 compliant school, makes MVJIS implement all the necessary measures in its journey towards becoming a school for society, in turn, guiding successful livelihoods, one student at a time. Furthermore, the fresh approach of teaching methods utilized at MVJIS induces a sense of joy for learning new things, staying well-connected with the traditional values and modern techniques.

Transmitting a sense of positivity across the campus, each step taken by MVJIS acts as a stepping-stone of knowledge, be it the environment of the school, the well-equipped labs, or the latest ICT-enabled teaching-learning infrastructure. “The infrastructure consists of splendidly furnished classrooms, state-of-the-art facilities, which are indeed an eye-treat for all the students”, stated – Dr. M. J. Mohan, the chairman of the school.

During a brief opportunity, we were lucky enough to visit the campus of MVJIS and talk to the chairman & the principal, where both of them took us on a verbal & a physical tour of the school’s working ethos and enunciated how the school has always been a target/process-oriented institute and not a result-oriented one. Adding to the above statement, and talking about the confidence levels the parents have, when it comes to the school functioning and the processes followed, Ms. Vamsheepriya, the serving principal stated – “Our parents always believe in what is delivered at the school, and they know that their wards are getting the best, from the best”.

Ensuring the best

Since the time MVJIS has begun on its ambitious endeavor of producing successful, responsible, creative global citizens committed to giving back to society, the journey has been very enlivening and exhilarating filled with difficulties, highs & lows. With each member of the staff and the management at the school holding a strong passion for hard work, dedication, and honesty, each student is nurtured based on his/her own individuality, analyzing and helping students progress based on their areas of interest. Not only emphasizing academics, but students are also given full flexibility and rights to attend and grow in any field or area they want to. From coding classes to Yoga Classes, MVJIS aims towards a sound body and sound mind, thereby, making sure all the students stay fit physically and mentally, even though they are away from the school, in the comforts of their homes.

Summing up the whole conversation, and candidly stating facts, Dr. M. J. Mohan stated – “What you give, is what you receive”. This is perhaps completely true when it comes to MVJIS, as the efforts put in by the school towards societal upliftment are pretty evident, and all thanks to the strong show being put forward by the esteemed faculty and the management, the school has always made sure – it is always a win-win situation for them, be it the exceptional academics it imparts or the world-view atmosphere it has ensured, since its inception.

Dr. M. J. Mohan – Chairman

Being a General Surgeon, Dr. M. J. Mohan, the Chairman of M V J Group of Institutions, understands the need for quality education in the Society, thus, he works continuously towards providing an uncompromising & a committed effort towards societal betterment, via quality education. A strong believer of chasing dreams and desires, in turn, to create success stories, Dr. M. J. Mohan focuses towards fulfilling Dr. M. V. Jayaraman’s vision, in each one of the 11 leading institutions established by Venkatesha Education Society. Also, thoroughly knowing that, there cannot be a better tribute to the man whose eyes embraced the future, than to take his dream forward, Venkatesha Education Society has been striving tirelessly to further the cause of education in the country, and Dr. M. J. Mohan is the prime flagbearer of this ambitious endeavour.

Ms. Vamsheepriya Amar – Principal

An enthusiastic learner with 23 years of varied experience in the field of Education, she has had a rich experience of being a teacher, coordinator, Vice Principal, and Principal. Moreover, as she slowly climbs up the ladder, the vision to understand and empower teachers and students has been her strength and as an academician, she has a true innate ability to internalize and produce results to my best in the field of Education.

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