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International Education in India

by – Ms. Shehanaz Cottar

Globalisation has helped us in the process of interaction and integration among individuals, organization, institution and governments worldwide. There has been an exchange of ideas, beliefs and culture. Keeping in mind the futuristic goals and preparedness of the students for the 21st century we find the advent of International Education in India.

International Education means mobility of students and scholars who can travel to any part of the world to study, research or teach. In this technologically innovative world India offers a rich and culturally diverse experience that helps to develop students independently and equip them to handle the rigors of life. Globally and nationally it allows students to be exposed to different cultures, religions, languages, ethnic groups enriching society in the process of broadening the academic experience for everyone.

India is emerging as a global and international education hub making it an attractive destination for students who wish to study abroad. We in India are looking at providing world class education in our cities. A world class classroom, international opportunities, esteemed faculty and staff with global perspectives who have exceptional diligence, dedication and devotion in promoting value based education, equal rights and create an unique identity for professionals in skilling and up skilling. International education will help us build a strong alumni network and make lifelong friends globally.

International education in India has turned to be essential as it promotes mutual understanding among people across nations and walks of life. It makes the students connect, understand the world and are prepared to effectively engage. International education advocates student exchanges with high quality foreign institutions and countries. It helps students develop collaborative ideas and facilitates research. The awareness is evident as per the number of summits being organised with different universities all across the world in India.

The International Day of Education 2022 was celebrated under the Theme “Changing Course Transforming Education” and in our pursuit for betterment we are looking forward to graduate better global human beings who would be assets globally and will work forward to become better versions of themselves.

Ms. Shehanaz Cottar – Principal (Podar International School, Chinchwad)

Ms. Shehanaz Cottar an educationist who has completed 30 years in the field of education in Mumbai, Pune and UK. She holds a B.Ed and is Post Graduate in English and Educational Administration. She has completed her Training of Strategic Leadership of Schools in a changing Environment from IIM Ahmedabad.

She is passionate about teaching and teaches Economics at High School Level. Presently she is the Principal of Podar International School Chinchwad for grade 1 to grade 12 and has been associated with Podar  Education Network for 12 years. 

She is also appointed as a Master Trainer for CBSE affiliated schools by the Central Board of Secondary Education. She has been appointed as the Convener for Inspection and Affiliation of CBSE schools. She was awarded the Best Principal Award by SOF in the year 2013 – 2014, 2018-19 and recently in 21-22, the Avantika Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Award 2018 and Principal Par Excellence by IIHM Pune in October 2018 and 2021-22.


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