Best-10 Preschools in Bangalore 2022

A child’s early years lay the foundation of the life ahead. PreSchool and Kindergarten methods lay a solid foundation for children and help them to grasp knowledge easily in the later stages of school and college life. Every preschool must respect each child’s path of learning and growth and give them the liberty to choose the activities they are interested in. Teachers must give equal attention to the children and motivate them to take part in different activities that will make preschool interesting and help them learn new things in life. By creating a formal learning environment for children, pre-primary school education helps them to understand the importance of learning and discipline. Pre Schools in India provide the appropriate environment and opportunities to cultivate young minds and encourage them to realize their true potential. Along with that, kindergarten education also includes different activities such as drawing, coloring, clay work, craft work, singing, dancing and more to make school life interesting for younger children. One must understand the importance of pre-primary schooling and do its best to impart necessary knowledge to the children. Kindergarten and pre schools in India should focus on the key skills: emotional, cognitive, social and mental growth of kids. These schools should organize tiny toddlers for formal schools and life, making them confident and curious learners through their interesting preschool programs. Although, it’s important for parents to encourage similar methods of learning at home. Parent to child communication plays a pivotal role in a child’s preschool education. But, parents have one of the toughest jobs to select the best preschool for their ward to grow in a creative and learning environment. Thereby, having done a considerable amount of research and analysis on some of the best preschools in our country, we have categorized our issue into 4 sections, clearly focusing on 4 parts of our country – North, South, East & West and laying spotlight on schools, who have outperformed on various factors when compared to their peers, in the academic year of 2021-22. Factors like academic excellence, infrastructural amenities, IT infrastructure, mentor-mentee importance, parent involvement, and so on, were considered during the process of shortlisting the schools, and thus only the best have made it to the list. This edition will have a title – “Best-10 PreSchools in Bangalore 2022”, where we act as guides to parents, who are looking forward to picking the right school, for a complete growth experience. Also, this edition would serve as a platform for schools to showcase their contribution towards society, by giving out independent, socially responsible citizens of our country, ready to take their respective spots in this huge world outside.
Pre-school Description
Candor International School A community of dedicated and spirited learners and we believe that every child can be nurtured to develop into a knowledgeable, caring, confident and responsible global citizen
Cathedral and John Connon An institute aiming towards providing holistic growth to all its students, empowering young minds to reflect on issues of local and global concern, in order to impact positive change through collaboration
Christ Academy Christ Academy is committed to sustaining and optimising the pursuit of empowering the students with knowledge, skills and positive attitude, enabling every student to unearth and realize her/his full potential
Doodle House High importance is given for meaningful learning, the environment ensures holistic development of the child encompassing the areas of creativity, cognitive, sensorial, Math & Language
Dots Montessori At Dots Montessori, the environment is child-centred, not teacher-centred, where the onboard teachers plan the preparation and organization of learning materials to meet the needs
I wonder Y Preschool and Daycare A school providing a very efficient, child-centric, loving and nurturing environment to give the children a wonderful opportunity to learn and explore
Indus Early Learning Centre The school constantly strives to move away from traditional teaching strategies in favour of transformational strategies that connect students
Linden Montessori The school has always strived as a school to create stimulating environments for the young learners where each section of the school
Sanford International At Sanford Wings International Pre School we believe every student deserves to have an excellent education
Springdales Springdales nurtures every student's talents in all spheres be it academics, sports, visual or the performing arts

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